Lulzbot Tool Head on Repetier

What happened was … yadda yadda yadda … I now have a Maker Select, two Lulzbot Mini tool heads, and lots of 3mm filament. Until I finish my home-made 3d printer, I would like the maker select to use 3mm filament. Of course, this Wanhao Duplicator i3 clone runs on a 12v power supply and a Melzi controller with Repetier firmware. Should I be able to make this work? I have the i3 firmware, the ability to change and upload firmware, a modified x-carriage that fits this printer and the mini tool head, and a 12v heater cartridge. So far I have printed the x-carriage and added some IGUS bearings, but before I move forward I want to ensure I’m on the right track or that this is even possible? I’m unsure if the stepper motor is compatible and if the 24v fans will burn out running on 12v, or if there are some other unseen obstacles.

I would think it’s possible if you have enough technical expertise and the ability to wire it all up correctly. The stepper motor should be fine if it gets the right amperage, voltage is less important. I dont know much about the other printer specs, but i imagine it also uses Nema 17 stepper motors, and as such whatever motor controller comes with it should work fine. 12v heater cartridge would be good. The 24v fan should not die on 12v, but probably will run a little slow and that may or may not cause quality issues in your prints. The small micro blower fan is actually 5v, so don’t hook that up to 12v or you will burn that one out.

quick question though, is it not easier to swap out the hotend on the Maker Select with the Hexagon hotend and make sure whatever plastic or metal that is above it in that extruder has a 3mm size hole? I assume not if you are going to all this trouble. But back to your question, it should be possible.

Good call on the 5v fan, I would have zapped that jewel for sure. As for swapping out the hotend, I don’t think that is possible with the MK10.