New Printer Head Won't Work

My company just purchased a replacement regular tool head for our Lulzbot mini. We received it last week, and I finally got to put it on today. I’ve taken these things on and off multiple times, and never had an issue. Put this one on–followed the instructions just in case–and was going to extrude some filament to test it.

Printer heated up for a second and stopped. I closed the control window and pulled up the tool head info. It’s showing a 0 for the E-steps. I closed the window without changing anything and googled how to calibrate for that number. I tried starting up the printer again, and now when I put the temperature in–220 or 230–it says the printer shuts off for emergency reasons because the temperature is too hot.

Help? Nothing has been touched. The tool head is on the printer properly and no settings have been changed on the software other than to swap from flexystruder to the regular printhead.

Where did you get the toolhead from specifically? It sounds like either the wireing harness is not correct on the hotend or you ended up with one that has a bad thermistor.

check and see if the pins are identical from your old one to the new one, or using the Ohai kit documentation.

It was purchased from Lulzbot directly.


It sounds like when you were doing the “change tool head” step and flashing the firmware, that you selected the V1 hot end instead of the V2 hexagon. That would give you the error that you are seeing due to the max temp on the V1. Just go back to “machine” change tool head" and then make sure to select the V2 hexagon and then go through the firmware flashing and you should be good to go!

If you have any additional issues with it, just get with support, so that they can help with it.

No. It’s v2. I’m going to have to call them I guess. Oh well, lol. Thanks guys!

Contact support - It sounds like the thermistor is shorting to the heat block.