Lulzbot workhorse layer separation

Hello, So ive had my workhorse for some time now and have had nothing but quality issue’s. Multiple help tickets, different hotends and a plethora of other issues. I thought i got most of it solved when switching to the 1.75 Hemera hotend. It worked for awhile and now im at a loss. Im getting extreme banding and layer separation. Its up to date, its clean and its a brand new hotend. Im using the Cura lulzbot latest edition for my slicing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So its still doing it. After Lulzbot telling me to update firmware and cura version. The pitting is less in my prints but the layer adhesion when it reaches a certain height is messed up.

Hemera Hotend 1.75 W/ Polymaker Filament
Temps 210/215/220

Im at a loss at this point could use some suggestions from anyone to try .

I would try printing as hot as the filament will allow you and one horn at a time. Also, if you can print without the cooling fan (no overhangs in your model) I would try turning that off too.