M175 Bowden Tube needed?

Hi folks, I have an older Taz 6 that I’m adding the M175 on. Due to cramped work space, the filament has been moved to the top so it feeds straight down. With the 2.85 I haven’t been using the bowden tube, short down drop with direct drive … it’s not needed. Will I need the new tube with the M175? Just not sure how that system is built.
Thanks for any input or thoughts.

I have a TAZ 6 and the M175 tool head. I have my filament spools (I have two for use with the Dual Extruder) located on the top of the frame and don’t use a bowden tube with either 2.85 or 1.75mm filament with any of my tool heads.

Thanks, kinda what I was thinking but wanted to make sure from someone that’s already been there!

I use a small piece of tube maybe about 2" to keep the filament from rubbing the retaining collet

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I have a PrintDry on top of my ol Taz 6 and print with the tube. I recall needing it as it helped keep the filament straight. Sometimes the print head would pull far away, then move back closer and excess filament that was pulled out might bind or get caught.