M175 with TAZ 6 MAC user

I followed the user instructions for adding the 175 tool head to my TAZ 6. When I Go to flash the TAZ 6 with the new software for the 175 tool head the program notifies me that i need to choose the instal manually. I do not know what file to use to flash the machine with. I downloaded the file from LULZBOT, followed the instal procedures to get the tool head to appear in the drop down menu for adding a new machine. If someone knows what file to choose i would appreciate the information. Thank you

See https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/latest-firmware-2-0-6-7-unprintable-taz6-m175-fixed/23601/16.

I believe there is newer V2 firmware than what is posted in that topic. You may have to contact LulzBot support to determine which MacOS version of CuraLE you need and where the newer versions are located.