TAZ 5 cura 3.6.3 Wrong machine detected.

I have been using cura 21.04 for a long time and decided to upgrade to 3.6.3 but cannot connect to my printer - getting this error in the printer control console.
< [10:57:30] Attempting to connect to None
< [10:57:31] Attempting to connect to printer with serial COM3 on baud rate 115200
< [10:57:36] Correct response for connection
< [10:57:36] Expected that MACHINE_TYPE was LulzBot TAZ 5, but got TAZ instead
< [10:57:36] Wrong machine detected.
< [10:57:36] Closing the USB printer connection.
< [10:57:36] PrinterConnection.close: cannot join current thread (expected)

There is no selection available in the machine management with simply TAZ without the 5 or 6.

Okay, we have gone from the 1.0.0 branch of marlin to the 1.1.9 branch, and as such the software program is not recognizing your installed firmware. Follow these directions to get the updated firmware onto your machine.

1.) Preferences > Configure Cura > Allow connections to wrong machine
2.) When adding a machine, select TAZ 5 and the corresponding tool head
3.) Go to Settings > Printer > Manage Printers > Upgrade Firmware > Automatically update firmware

This will install marlin with the updated naming that Cura LE is looking for.

Thank you VERY much for the quick reply!
How can I determine the tool head? I looked at my original packing slip but it doesn’t identify the tool head type.

If you have not purchased any additional tool heads, it will be the Single Extruder tool head. If you are not sure what tool head you are using, you can post a photo or send one into support@lulzbot.com to get verification on which one you are using.

It’s a single but here’s a pic just in case i’m missing something.
Screen Shot 02-25-19 at 01.02 PM.PNG

Spot on, that is the Single Extruder shipped stock with your TAZ 5! The Single Extruder option should be at the top of the list of tool heads after selecting TAZ 5.

As always - Great help_!_ :smiley: