Making certain features solid

Guys, I’m using Solidworks 2008 and Cura, and would like some help in the design.

Essentially I want to put in some thick posts, with a hole down the middle, where the wall thickness of those posts is greater than the specified wall thickness for the model in general. Think bolt hole posts and that type of feature where I need more wall thickness that would be required by the outer shell and other features.

Is there any way to do this?



As far as I know, perimeter walls are consistent throughout the print. You’ll nee to design the thicker wall into your part… meaning any infill will need to be designed into the part rather than relying on the slicer infill percentage settings. For the most part it would be a PITA…

Use metal threaded inserts for strength. Put them on a soldering iron and press them into the printed part.

An example can be found in the Flexystruder installation guide, step 2: