manual for LCD use only?

I’m new on here so sorry if this question has been on here before: I’ve just started with a new machine- 1st time having a TAZ, so I’m a little bit of a noob when it comes to working out how things work, - wondered if there was a manual for the graphic LCD controller only as I can’t connect my home computer to the printer (different room) and the guide that came with the machine doesn’t seem to cover some of the things in the configurations within the LCD interface/operations page? and also is there a trouble shooting guide for the LCD too?

I am not certain that this will cover all of your needs in terms of a LCD manual but it should be a good start. This is a flow chart of where the different settings are accessed through the LCD screen.

I see at what your getting at, and I have read the entire manual- however certain things that are covered by the cura software are not covered in the lcd part of the manual- gaps as to speak. One I found was for purging- luckily I found the answer on here- however if one can’t connect your home computer to the machine, then the manual is redundant for certain things as these are only covered if the computer is connected…a noobs guide to simple things would be useful without all the jargon, i’m not quite up to speed with some of the more complicated terms mentioned in the manual- I had to refer to a set up guide that someone did on youtube to get me started, if you see what I mean. Well that went well at first- but things are slowly going wrong… and a trouble shooting chapter in the guide only using the lcd would be useful- and possibly in noobese?