Comprehensive tutorial?

Hello. I am a teacher and we just purchased a Lulzbot Taz 6 for our new maker lab. I am trying to develop curriculum to teach 6th grade students about 3D printing and am having some trouble finding resources online that teach about this printer from getting it out of the box, to setting it up, to actually printing something. I do not want to introduce the printer by telling students to simply find a file online and click Print. I’d like to be able to explain to them the settings and controls of this printer and how it operates before they begin creating anything.

Does anyone have any links to video resources that I can watch to become familiar with this printer? Thanks.

Just to clarify: I went to the main lulzbot site and searched but the only tutorials that come up are how tos for actual projects and that type of thing but no real instruction on what to do with the printer once it is out of the box.

When I purchased my Taz4 many moons ago it came with a printed manual that I referenced quite often to understand what the variables were doing inside of the slic3r program.

Here is the link to the official Slic3r manual I think the newer printers are shipping with Cura today.

Rereading your post I see you are looking for assembly instructions and more hands on stuff. Check here they have a lot of tutorials on swapping out parts and putting the printer together.