Marlin config-files for Lulzbot Mini 1.04

Can anyone please point me to some pre-made config.h/config_adv.h-files for Marlin 2.0.x to compile and run fine on my Lulzbot Mini 1.04 equipped with a BTT SKR mini E3 v3.0 after my miniRAMBO died. All around the net I do find config-files for Mini 2 - but not for the 1.04-hardware. Any help would be highly appreciated!

You may have to make your own. In you will find .hex files and .config files for a large number of Marlin versions and LulzBot printer models. You could use the config-files you found for Mini 2 and use a comparison between Mini 2 and Mini 1.04 on the LulzBot site to make the necessary changes.

yes, thanks a lot. tried that already for hours and hours and it’s quite complex in detail. Looks like I just don’t manage to get it right. Most things are working but I have problems with start-up, automatic leveling and general stability. So I was hoping someone went through the same upgrade-path already using a BTT board now and has successfully compiled marlin 2.x for it…