Uncompiled Marlin files with Lulzbot customization

I am looking for the uncompiled Marlin files for a recent version of the Lulzbot customized FW. I need the uncompiled version for a few reasons, mainly to set up my bed leveling using a capacitive probe, but also I’d like the keep the rest of the streamlining they have done in there. Also I am going to switch over to an aerostruder soon and will need to config for that. I have emailed support but they unfortunately just responded with “we don’t support fw modifications, here is the her file”. I know I can use the master version of Marlin and that’s actually what I’m using now with my modifications. However, I really just need to remove the Lulzbot bed leveling and add in mine (fixed probe, define offsets, bilinear probe points) and define esteps. Hoping one of the fw Dev team will chime in here…

I get the Lulzbot Marlin code from here https://code.alephobjects.com/diffusion/MARLIN/