Changing Bed Dimensions for

I have a Dual V3 extruder with the TAZ-6. In auto-leveling, the nozzles come too close to the washer screws. Thus, I want to change the bed dimensions (left and right-probe; back and front-probe). However, I cannot find a Marlin/Lulzbot source code that works with the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h files given for the V3. The motherboard is undefined in the and the configuration source files and I get errors in Arduino IDE when verifying. I have done the following:

  1. Arduino IDE 1.8.4: replaced the ‘hardware’ and ‘libraries’ folders with those in the Arduino AddOns on the Lulzbot support site.
  2. Downloaded the Marlin_Oliveoil_Tilapia_v1.0.2.22_60d344d as the Marlin/Lulzbot-specific source code.
  3. Replaced the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h in the Marlin folder in (2) with the source (if I use I get wrong version errors when verifying). Since the source code has the two files merged, I separated them and created two files.

So my questions are: Do I have the proper Lulzbot-specific Marlin source code? Is the source code correct and complete for either the or files? I know the hex code works except for my desire to alter the bed leveling dimensions. Am I missing another file for Arduino?