Meaning of the colors in CURA part rendering


When I slice a part in CURA the part will be built up on the platform layer by layer. No where have I found an explanation of the significance of the colors used in the rendering. Does an all green part indicate a good part and red mean there is a problem? It appears that the infill is rendered in yellow. Should I be worried if my part renders in red and when zoomed in , it appears transparent??

Thanks for your comments!

Tim in D

Red is outer shell.
Green is inner shell, and gets more rings if you increase the shell thickness.
You are right, yellow is fill, and can be solid or hatched.
Blue, I think, is flying and retracted.
Turquoise, I think, is brim and/or skirt.

Play around with watching the layers and making changes.

Thank you for your reply. That helps!

Tim in D