Cura 4.13.8 Post processing Plugin

I don’t see a color change plugin. Can one be added? I have read about a differnt number of layers, one system starts with 0 and the other starts with 1, is this still the case? I have not gotten the pause to work properly yet.


There’s a dedicated filament change button.

Slice the model first, use the preview to find your desired layer changes, fill in the layers #s you want to change at (change at layer 20 means that the 20th layer will be the new color). Then re-slice it to generate the code with the changes before sending to your printer.


This will put changes in at the “human” layers. Machine layers start at 0, while “human” layers start at 1, so the change at 20 will show in gcode at layer 19, but that layer will be layer 20 in the preview.

Cura does not show anything in the preview to reflect the color change, so just use your imagination and the preview to check layers.

One more note - it only inserts an M600 code, so it relies entirely on the firmware’s filament change settings to work correctly.