Missing structures in Cura 3.2.21

Hey All,

It’s been awhile since I had to ask a stupid question but I got a new PC so I put the latest Version of Cura on it. I have been doing OK with it but this reared its ugly head yesterday and it is making me a little nuts.

None of the internal ‘parts’ are showing up in layer view or printing. You can see them in x-ray view or Solid view but they will not print. I just get hollow shells. A picture is worth a thousand words right? S3D layer view:

Exact same part with all settings the same in Cura:

You can actually see the “shadows” of where the internals should be but they don’t show and they don’t print. Now to eliminate any stupidity on my part I used the pre-defined profile “PLA Verbatim - High quality”. The only things I changed were infill (0) and wall thickness (2 pass .4 mm each and I have a .4 mm nozzle which I have changed in machine settings.) and I took off top and bottom shelf. I get a great looking print but it is hollow, no internals!

So what really dumb thing am I doing wrong?

To many attachements in one post I guess:

Two more here – I attached the STL and the Cura Profile (this site will not accept the default “.curaprofile” extension so I stuck a .txt on the end. So if you want to try it change no_internals.curaprofile.txt to no_internals.curaprofile)
F4U_fuselage_09.STL (3.18 MB)
no_internals.curaprofile.txt (476 Bytes)

The model has mesh errors! So it tries to “fix” it by making it a solid model with no internal structures, but now valid external faces. Meshlab shows ~21 errors in the model.

“The model has mesh errors! So it tries to “fix” it by making it a solid model with no internal structures”

Well that is amazing! Good catch.

I wonder why the errors dont bother S3D?

They did mine, It showed sides/sections of the model disappearing as I rotated around the STL model. If you need to use 0% infill it is ‘bothering’ it.

Well again, that is interesting because S3D printed it.

I have some stringing issues (obviously) that I am making adjustment to the profile over but it made a valid part both outside and inside.

A lot of times that I’ve seen this come up in certain slicers is due to their ability to do what I call “quick fixes” to the file. What might be able to be fixed in one slicer could be entirely different in another slicer. I’m not entirely sure about why it shows up in robajohn’s, but not kmanley’s S3D though. Probably a setting difference.

For anyone who has the same problem I did here is the fix…

UNCHECK “Union Overlapping Volumes”