micro blower fan to regular axial fan change

Can anyone say why have they given up on micro blower fan?
If you take a look at the stock taz6 heat sink fan, it is once again the regular one-

The micro fan was barely adequate when it was running at 100%. Anytime the fan started to fail and blow slightly less air, folks printing heat conductive plastic like PLA would have heat creep jams in the cold section. That and the fans are hard to source and expensive are the reasons I imagine they changed. I have personally had several problems with those small fans.

The tiny fans also had like a 25% failure rate near as I can tell.

Well, I’ve read somewhere in the forum that actually the regular fan had less power than the micro blower.
I’ve also had a chance to verify myself, having had both options.
Axial (turbine) fan had more power in my case.
Only, I’ve used a bigger one, that was 24v

So… here is my setup, in the image below-
The issue I am battling with is that I have too much pressure from the melt chamber. Also I print all the filaments much cooler that it is said for the hexa. My PLA is printed in 180C (colorfabb)
I get too much ooze, that even the retraction 40speed 4mm length, cannot handle. Also get a lot of stringing during travel as well. (travel speed up to 200)
This fan I’ve put on the fins is cooling them I think well enough. During print, I touch the fins and they are cool.

If anyone has an opinion… Could the problem be that the stock hexa I am using has different and smaller heat block?
Or should I try to replace the thermistor and the heater cartridge for starters…

That matches my experience with them!


my name’s Max.

What fan should I buy for a TAZ 5 to prevent heat creep?

thx folks.

Here, this one-

I recently did the Taz5 combo upgrade described here -
You need to print new ducts and the new, taller extruder has the attachment points for them.
I used Noctua fluid bearing 40mm fans. They are very quiet.
Here is the 5v model I used -

I used 2 of the 12v Noctua fans for extrusion cooling. This required a simple Zener Diode to be added to the wiring to step down the Taz’s 24v fan circuit to 12v. It works like a champ (full speed range)!

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do you need two of those fans?