Micro Blower Not Working

I am working a a Lulzbot Taz5 for a friend. The micro blower does not work which causes the printer to instantly jam. Do I go buy a new one or is there a way to test if it is a software issue?

Those blowers are known to fail frequently. I would recommend replacing it with a new printed duct and a 40 x 40 x 10 or 15 axial fan. The ducts are available in thingiverse. You will need a 5 volt fan to use the factory wiring or you can run a 12 volt fan from a wall wart power supply.

And should you prefer not to print your own fan duct and source the fan, itworks3d has a kit they can provide (they also may have a replacement for that little blower as well, but as stated above, that’s junk even when it works, so don’t do that – go for the 40mm fan one way or the other).

awesome I think i’ll just buy the kit as I dont have a working printer to print the fan duct. How would I wire in the new fan?

Depends on what you get in the kit. If the kit has a fan with just wires, you’ll need to cut the wires to the old fan, leaving yourself enough slack, strip the insulation off, and solder the new one in. On the other hand, if the kit has a fan where the wires are terminated with pins, you want to remove the old fan’s pins from the connector, and replace them – if you look at the connector, you’ll see in the side that there’s a small square hole that allows you to depress the metal retaining clip on the inserted pin so that you can pull the pin out – the replacement will slide right in, just make sure you insert the pin right way around so that the clip on the new pin is the same direction as the old one.

So this may seem silly… but as the recent owner of a used Taz 6, have you checked the Green/yellow wire on the PCB?.. mine was backwards, and surprise… the fan wont operate with reversed polarity… I didnt figure that out till I replaced the fan. Facepalm moment but glad its fixed.