microcluster enclosure build!

Hey all!

I’ve been redesigning my cluster setup and am pretty happy with the current direction, what to hear what you guys think!

Instead of enclosing the printers directly (I have a lot of them) I decided to enclose a whole shelving unit so I could get the printers off of my desk and keep as make of them available as I could. The shelf units are enclosed with a corrugated plastic that insulates really pretty well, and have curved clear PETG doors in front that slide in printed channels. Having the doors curved like this is the only to fit a TAZ in a standard 2ft deep shelf, but also looks pretty cool imo :slight_smile:. Both shelves have lighting and smoke alarms built in for when I’m working in the other room, and hold in heat super well.

I also built up a simple photo booth setup on top of the shorter of the 2 microclusters for taking photos of prints and products, really happy with how that turned out.

All print files and source are available here: https://notabug.org/coloradoprintingproject/microcluster

Let me know what you think!


Look pretty cool to me.

Not trying to spam, but I’m crowd funding a small batch of panel kits to make it easier for people to build their own microcluster! Fully funded already, the first units ship in time for the holidays :slight_smile:

Here’s a closer look at the microcluster kits installed in my new home office:


That is such a cool enclosure.
I feel like I also need to create one so that my Yorkie won’t mess it up thinking that it is dog toys

Thanks! I can confirm that it keeps the doggos at bay :slight_smile: