Mini 1.75 Flexible Filament Mod Questions

I recently purchased a Taz 6 with the Flextstruder v2 and my old Mini has been sitting on the sidelines ever since.

I’d like to get my Mini back in the game by modding it to print 1.75 flexible filament. I seem to find a lot more options for manufacturers and colors in 1.75 diameter TPU. Also, since my Taz 6 is setup to print 3mm flexible I’d like to have the added option to print 1.75 flexible filaments on my Mini.

I’ve had success in modifying the design of the flexystruder body to accept 1.75 filament and purchased some 2mm tubing. I printed the modified part, put the two together and mounted it to my Mini’s standard tool head parts. I was able to feed 1.75 filament past the grub screw without it slipping but it seems that once the filament gets into the hot end it binds up and causes a jam. This makes sense to me since the hot end is designed for 3mm (2.85mm) filament and gives the 1.75 filament room to move around (kink) and jam.

I’ve read around and found posts where people talk about converting their tool head to run 1.75 standard filaments and some have even stated they had success running 1.75 in their standard 3mm tool head. But I’ve yet to find anything where someone has modded a Lulzbot tool head to print 1.75 flexible filament. (Other than someone who sold a kit online that was sold out).

I guess my question at this point is what hot end should I purchase to run 1.75 flexible filaments?

Or am I missing something completely?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I added the mod piece in to this 1.75mm body to theoretically allow it to run flex filliament . I haven’t tried it though for that. The extruder body would fit a mini but the upper bolt mount wouldnt line up with anything.

I made this one based off the Flexystruder v2 and it seems to feed fine.

I’m just having an issue with it jamming in the 3mm hot end… I think.

I use actual 1.75 hot ends on all my 1.75 MM extruders for my Taz and Mini. Been working flawless for several years now, but I do not print much flexible filament anyway.

Isn’t this what you’re looking for?

They also sell the nozzle and the bare hot-end separately, if you don’t mind the hassle of removing and reinstalling the heater and the thermister.