Mini 1 + OctoPrint + Aerostruder

Hey gang,

Been a happy Mini 1 owner for a bunch of years and now considering upgrading to the Aerostruder Tool Head. Issue is the instructions here talk about Cura, but I use OctoPrint. How does one get the new details for this toolhead into OctoPrint? I also see the Lulzbot FW needs updating. Would the workflow be to install Cura just for this, go through the steps to upgrade the machine, remove Cura, then update the print profiles in OctoPrint? Does anyone have the Aerostruder profiles and settings for the Mini 1? Thx.

Ideally, yes. Install Cura LulzBot Edition to update your firmware. You can also use the latest version of Cura LE to generate your gcode, and after setting up Cura LE to communicate with your OctoPrint instance, send the job to OctoPrint:

Thx. I use OctoPrint to avoid the direct USB connection, so this would work to update the FW. Just need to get the updated print profiles and machine settings.

To update the firmware on my TAZ 6 with OctoPrint, I use the OctoPrint-FirmwareUpdater plugin. Browse for the firmware file(s) at C:\Program Files (x86)\cura-lulzbot 3.6\resources\firmware. This avoids having to move the printer from the RPi USB port to a USB port on my desktop with CuraLE installed (I do have a long active USB cable and a USB switch but I rarely use it).

Thanks for the tip! That will make life easier.