Octoprint and the lulzbot mini

Has anyone successfully done this and can share the printer profile settings? I downloaded the *.ini ones in the curaengine plugin so I dont mean those but the main printer profile still has some non-intuitive settings to set and I don’t want to try to print until I know I have them all correct first. Thx! Apologies if this is a n00b question.

What are you trying to set? The only stuff I can think of setting were things like the build area, which I just got from the lulzbot website. I don’t use the built-in Cura though, I just upload gcode. I think all it does with gcode is stream it to the printer. I’ll upload a screenshot from my Octoprint setup if you need it.

I added this pic to show what I’m looking to fill out:

Here’s my setup.

Thank you!!! Will try tomorrow!!!

Has anyone used the “Custom Bounding Box” feature in the Octoprint printer profile? It’s supposed to allow for printer to move outside of the build volume for things like the nozzle wiping routine.

I have never (knowingly) touched that setting and comfortably wipe the nozzle using the Lulzbot supplied cura profiles start_gcode in Octoprint.

Thanks. I’m just getting set up, and am not at the printer so can’t connect and try it out. I’ve loaded the print profiles for the filament we are using. Can;t figure out where to select them, but I’m guessing I have to be connected to a printer to get to that part.

Once you’re setup make sure to try the Full-fetured Slicer plugin. It’s not as “full-featured” as it sounds, but it gives me enough knobs and wheels to hardly fall back to Cura desktop anymore.


Thanks. Just installed it. Looks very helpful.

Hi all,

I am also trying to make my octopi setup to print on Lulzbot Mini and I am a bit confused. I am not planing to slice the model on Raspberry, I want to generate gcode on my desktop using Cura and then upload it to octopi. Can anyone answer the following two questions:

1 - When Cura profiles are used: at the time of slicing or at the time of printing? In my intended workflow do I need to keep the profiles on octopi or it is enough to have them on the desktop that generates gcode?

2 - how Octoprint controls the temperatures: using the default printer settings, values in the Octoprint UI main scree or from gcode?

The reason why I am asking is because I didn’t have any problems printing with Cura on Mini attached to the computer. But when I setup octopi and tried to print gcode generated using the same profile it din’t work. The printer was doing its job but the extruder was not ejecting any filament. I have feelings that it was because the temperature of the hot end was not high enough.

Thank you!

1 - If you are slicing on your computer, you don’t need any Cura profiles on Octoprint. The Cura profile is only used during slicing, and all the parameters are reflected in the output Gcode file.

2 - The Gcode will contain everything – extruder temps, bed temps, fan controls, movements and so forth. You can use the manual controls in Octoprint to heat the nozzle, load filament, and prime the extruder. But once you start the print, Octoprint is simply sending lines from the Gcode file to the printer – the commands in the Gcode control everything.

No idea what happened with your print. If you slice on your computer, using an appropriate profile for the Mini, the Gcode file will contain all the correct commands – including the startup Gcode that does the wiping/leveling. Octoprint merely sends that file to the printer, line by line, exactly as Cura does. Perhaps you didn’t load/prime the filament first?

Thank you Scott for the detailed answer! You nailed it - I didn’t prime the filament! I hope that was the only reasons why I could not print. Will try it later today…


Hopefully that’s the answer – if not, post back and I’ll try again. :slight_smile:

Preheating and priming is essentially the same in Octoprint as when using Cura to control the printer. Just a manual process of preheating the extruder, removing old, inserting new, manually extruding until fully primed.

But you can also setup “custom commands” in Octoprint that will help a little. For example, I created a button labelled “setup” that homes XYZ, then moves the head to the center, heats the extruder to 240 (I never use PLA, and 240 works for almost everything else), and preheats the bed to 60C. So I hit that button, then (when hot) load and purge the filament, then click “Print”.

It is printing now! Thank you again!

Can you share your customization commands?

Sure! You can add custom commands by editing the “controls:” section of the “config.yaml” file. You can find that file in the /home/pi/.octoprint folder. I recommend KEEPING A BACKUP – the syntax is a little odd, and very unforgiving (i.e., a minor mistake can invalidate a big part of the file).

There are are couple ways to do it… You can create a command, then put the actual gcode commands right in the file. For example, the following lines could all be placed in config.yaml to create a “Preheat” button that just sets two temperatures:

- commands:
  - M104 S240
  - M140 S50
  name: Preheat

The other way – which I prefer – is to create a short script that does what you want, and then create a command in config.yaml that just calls that script. For example, I placed a script named “setupFilament” in the /home/pi/.octoprint/scripts/gcode folder, which contains the following lines:

G0 X70 Y70
M104 S240
M140 S60

Then in the config.yaml file, I added a button named “Setup” that calls the script file:

- name: Setup
  script: setupFilament

There are further instructions for creating custom controls, and the syntax rules for config.yaml, on the Octoprint web site.

Hope that helps!

Thank you! I’ll try it…

Word of advice, I would take the E down to 150. At 300 the extrude button tries to extrude too fast and tears the filament up when clearing the old color from the print head.