Mini 1 to 2 Conversion

Ok, so I now have the parts to convert my mini to a mini 2. Finished tearing my machine apart.

Ok, so turns out I don’t ha e all the parts. I was mistaken in thinking that I could reuse more of the old parts then I really was able to. Am waiting for a few bearings and other hardware to arrive. I also needed to make a few custom chain ends for the chain I already have which is a little smaller then the one listed but should be big enough for this conversion along with the water lines for the new Titan Aqua I plan to run.

On tearing into the parts of my mini 1 I found that several parts had broken. The mounts for the bearings for the extruder hob bolt had split at some layers, and the eyelets if the tensioning arm had also broken. Since my Mini is KIA I’ve had to use my “other printer” (which shall remain nameless) for the new parts :stuck_out_tongue:

I got both the Ranbo Einsy and z-brake boards mounted up along with the heatsink I made for the Einsy. Got cables for the screen run but since I have the Tabsynth enclosure on my machine I’ve been drawing up plans for a custom mount to use existing screw holes and a MUCH smaller screen case.

sorry for the lack of updates on this. was waiting on a few parts to arrive and got tied up with other things. Will hope to get back on this soon. Taken some time for me to clean out holes for the bushings as Lulzbots models are designed with their finishing procedures in mind, and I dont have the tooling for their way of cleaning out parts.

Right now I am going over schematics of the Titan Aqua vs the Titan Aero to design up my own mount for them. will keep you guys posted on this as it progresses.

How is it going, any updates? I’ve got a mini 1 and would love to follow your lead upgrading to V2. Any help or a push in the right direction would be great. Hope it’s going well!!