Mini 2! This looks pretty exciting. I’ll be happy to learn about the upgrades I can make to my Mini. There’s an on-device display. I didn’t watch the video closely enough to catch other visible improvements…

is that an aerostruder?

Quick run down followed up by the sauce :smiley:

  • Aerostruder tool head with new mounting system for easier removal and more stability
  • Modular bed system standard
  • GLCD with 8gb SD card for tether-less printing
  • Belt driven Z axis for faster cycle times and smooth travel moves
  • TMC 2130 drivers for quieter than ever operation

Full assembly directions for the Mini 2:

Cad Files, STL’s, Bill of Materials, Drawings, etc:

Marlin source code:
Developmental marlin builds:

Cura LE Source code:
Past, present, and future Cura LE builds:

We hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Will the mini be upgradable to the mini 2?

We have not made any changes to the sheet metal, so it will be doable! That being said, we have made quite a few improvements that will make it an undertaking to upgrade.

Note, this list may not be complete:

  • Replace printed Z uppers and lowers
  • Replace printed X end idler and x end motor
  • Replace Tool head carriage mount
  • New Aerostruder tool head mounting system
    – You can use the existing Aerostruder add on, but you will not get the extra build volume without changing the X motor mount, X idler mount, X motor Carriage, Tool Head Mount
  • New Einsy Retro electronics board
    – Some of the connections are different on the board, and the connections are different on the tool head. Re-pinning will be required for some connections.
  • Add a z brake board
    – This will require adding wiring harnesses
  • Additional belts for Z axis
  • GLCD Add on
  • Modular Bed System
  • High Precision bushings on all smooth rods
    – New printed mounts will be required for the new bushings

There are some other small changes that will not affect performance such as the 2 piece spool holder, so it can be printed on a Mini etc. This should be a good starting point if you are looking to make the upgrade!

Are the Z motors geared?

Nope! The benefit of the Z motors being geared was to prevent a drop of the X axis when the unit was powered off. We added a Z brake board to accomplish the same goal.


I’m in process of printing out parts for upgrading my mini1 to a mini2,just wondering if there are any parts that are reused so I’m not printing more then is needed. Still have the old stock bed for now, will order the new bed later on.

Your Y axis Idler and Y Axis motor mount should be good to reuse, along with the bed corners and wiper mount. Aside from those, you are going to need to re-print all of the Z and X axis components to take advantage of the new build volume.

Any idea when standalone Mini 2 parts might be available to buy? I’ve got a Mini 1 I’d like to upgrade too, and obviously will need the einsy, build platte/bed, power supply etc.

I was able to order the board right from ultimate with no issue. Was $120

still looking for teh z-brake board though.

on a side note, the list of models for the Mini 2 dose not have the controller box top most cover panel.

Hello everyone,

We are working on getting items in our online store for the MIni 2 so keep an eye out for those.

We’ve made it handy for customers to sign up and get notification about new products. Here’s the link to the sign up page :

We hope this helps,

I’ve done the same, but I don’t want to screw anything up. Do you have any resources for making the switch? Did you run into any unexpected problems?

still in process of converting over.

The Einsy Retro seems to not have a space for connecting the 24v case fan to. Is there a recommendation of the best way to deal with that?

You can find the correct position for the case fan on the pin-out diagram shown in Step 6 of the electrical assembly guide:
Direct link to the photo if you aren’t interested in the rest of the guide:

Perfect, thank you. Now I have my board wired, and my custom firmware uploaded, but I’ll clearly have to make changes. When I hit the Z Home button, the z goes down a bit and then stops, so hopefully just reversing a direction there. We’ll see what other little changes I have to make. But the heaters both work, and at least the case fan is right. Yay progress!

So homing is definitely not working. I have defined SENSORLESS_HOMING and it should be set to home up rather than down (since I don’t have the new Z endstop). Here are my currently configured options for my custom build. For clarity, I’m trying to make the minimum number of changes to make a super-quiet Mini 1.

#define LULZBOT_BAUDRATE 250000
#define LULZBOT_UUID “9b929276-6fb2-4bb6-ac18-a4e2550fa7b7”

Probably when I have some time I’ll dig into the details of all of the option groups and see if there’s maybe something that is expecting to be paired with something else but isn’t available on my setup. I can also break this out into its own posting if it’ll be too confusing with the full mini2 conversion talk.