Mini 2 extruder leaking?

Hi, does this look like a leaking extruder? I got it back fairly recently from Lulzbot/FAME repair after waiting about 6 weeks, and I’d really hoped it would just work.

It sure looks like a leak. Take a look at the top of the heater block. If you have plastic pooled up there then, yep, it’s a leak.

Step 39 in this guide should give you a good idea how to go about tightening the nozzle properly.

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Thanks so much! Kind of a bummer to have to go through this after just paying a fair amount to have a new hot end installed with the official Lulzbot repair company (Fargo 3D Printer Repair) . But if I have to, I’ll give it a try.

They don’t always get it right. We purchased five Workhorse right before the operation in Colorado fell apart all of the hotends on those machines leaked.

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