Lulzbot Mini 2 hot end?

What’s the life (hours?) of the E3D Titan Aero Extruder’s Hot End? What are the indicators that it needs to be replaced?

Im on a discord with Sanjay from E3D, i can see if I can get an answer right from him

External wear = leveling issues as the nozzle head body gets shorter. Kind of changes from a V to U shape. :frowning:

Internal wear = extrusion issues as the bore gets larger from abrasion of the filament being pushed through it. (filled filaments tend to wear out the bore faster.)

[7:56 AM] OutcastZeroOne: @SanjayM theres a guy on the Lulzbot forum wondering what the life hours of a Titan Aero’s hot end are
[8:45 AM] SanjayM: We have the life leader in the print farm
[8:45 AM] SanjayM: It’s still printing
[8:45 AM] SanjayM: From 9 months before Titan was released

strait from Sanjay himself, so they expect a long life from their parts, which is why i think lulzbot is switching to them.

as far as the tip deformation, you may have a very soft material nozzle on that needs to be changed out. I know with my Hexagon I never had an issue with any deformation for the year ive had it running, though I never ran anything abrasive though it either. I now have a MicroSwiss hardened nozzle on mine with no issues.

Thanks for notes … Just had the Mini2 couple weeks … very pleased with it!