Mini 2 Marlin Firmware Download?

I’ve scoured the internet and look on, but they only offer .hex and .config files for download. On the Mini download page, there is a zip file with a complete Marlin package.

The second part of this is a shot in the dark but maybe someone could offer a solution on how to make use of a .hex file that I want to modify a little. Basically, I’m stuffing an Einsy Retro in my original Mini and need to smash the firmware together to make it work properly.

It sounds like you are looking for the code page for marlin, which you can find here:
I’m not sure how you can go about editing firmware, but I hope that this gets you started on the right path.

So I’ve found that page before, but I can’t figure out how to download the whole package. I can find/download a complete (multiple tabs in Arduino) for the Mini, but I can only find/download bits and pieces for the Mini 2.

Maybe I don’t fully understand how to use the website and it’s just sitting there waiting for me, but I can’t figure it out.

Do a forum search on “git”, that is how/what you will ‘clone’ the files/directories you need from there. I use the smartgit program myself.

Thanks for the help. I just spend a couple hours trying to muddle my way through to get it cloned but can’t figure out how. Might be above my pay grade. I’ll try again tomorrow.