Mini 2 parts list / source

Decided to get a 2nd Mini - this time a 2. Maybe I’ve been out of the loop, and I know Lulzbot went through an ownership change this Winter, but the links to the parts and downloadable printable bits are not working. Anyone know where I can download STL’s for the Mini 2 parts? Just looking to have a backup in case something breaks.

You can find them all here:

At the bottom of that page you’ll see LulzBot’s naming convention (Mini’s get product code-names based on names of flowers). The Mini 2, for example, is “Hibiscus” … so that’s the directory path you’d use to look for all the printable parts. If you need parts that are not 3D printable, the production docs folder will have the BoM (Bill of Materials) documents that lists every part in the machine … but also includes where they get it, the manufacturers’ part numbers, etc…

Thanks… Also, the site was down this AM. Support brought it back up recently.

Sorry… Another Q. Is there any way to FTP to Lulzbot downloads. Would like to dl many files and one-by-one is a pain.

If you use Chrome, try

Thanks. I managed to find WinHTTrack which did this trick.