Mini Aerostruder and Different Nozzle sizes, profiles

Hi everyone,

I’m running two mini’s with Aerostruders. I have .25 and .8 nozzles in addition to the .5’s on the extruders right now. I know how to properly swap the nozzles since the ones on their now are NozzleX’s. My question is about the profiles.

  1. Can a simply swap the nozzle and make a profile for the smaller or larger nozzle with the correct settings without uploading a new firmware?

  2. If I want to use the factory profiles for the .25 and .8 nozzles, can I select the SL or HS tool head for the firmware? Will I have an offset on the nozzle since those tool heads use an adapter?

Sorry for the basic questions, but hoping there’s a simple solution.

Since the tool head firmware contains a lot more than just the nozzle size, you need to be careful changing firmware to match the nozzle size. It’s probably safer just to change the nozzle size in the slicer and use the firmware for the original tool head unless you know the only difference is the nozzle size.

I’m not sure how much difference there is in the profiles within CuraLE for the SL or HS toolhead. I believe the Aerostruder uses a .5mm brass nozzle, the SL a .25mm brass nozzle, but the HS uses a .8mm hardened steel nozzle. There is a difference in heat transfer between brass and steel. You’d have to compare the profiles to see if there are other differences.

Go to and find the version of the firmware you are using. In that folder will be all of the firmware .hex files for each different tool head along with a .config which is a text file of the parameters used to build the .hex file. Compare the .config files for the tool heads you are interested in.

I have three Single Extruder v2.1 toolheads for my TAZ 6, one with the original .5mm, one with a .35mm, and one with a .2mm nozzle. They each have different E-steps but I use the same firmware for all three changing the E-steps as needed and changing the nozzle size in the slicer. Other changes to the profiles are determined by experimentation.

I’ve been looking over the config files the one thing that stood out was the the location of the Y axis is a bit different. My guess is that it’s the thickness of the adapter plate.

The Aerostuder, SL and SE all use the same e3d Titan Aero extruder and the HS and HS+ have the volcano hot end.

The major differences is that the SL, SE, HS and HS+ all need an adapter to work on the Mini 1 and the Molex connectors are different as well.

I think what I was going to try is make a new extruder mount that includes the adapter plate for the mini. That way I can use the firmware for the SL, SE firmwares. Here’s what I’m thinking of merging: