Mini Auto Level - Close to Edge of Washer

I’ve had my Mini for about a month now. Very happy with it, and I get consistent quality results. One thing I noticed that happens all the time during the auto leveling procedure, is the nozzle touches down right at the inside edge of the front right washer. It is so close I have a hard time telling if it is touching the top surface of the washer, or around the slightly beveled edge of the outer circumference.

At this point my prints have not been affected, but it does not seem normal that it does this, and it could be an issue at some point if the machine gets out of alignment - 1mm would put it off the side. The other 3 washers are fine - the nozzle touches down within the inner area by 5mm or more. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I suspect it has something to do with the levelling gcode. Can someone point out where to look for those numbers? Also, I am using OctoPrint, but the same thing happens with OctoPrint and Cura - so I suspect it’s embedded in the firmware?

I have the same thing happening with my Mini. In my case the tip of the nozzle is missing the washer, the side if the washer is hitting the edge. I think it’s been that way since the test print.

From a printing perspective the top layer (last layer printed is rough. But prints are OK.

My question is -Should the tip of the nozzle hit the top of the washer on all four corners when auto leveling and if so what is the remedy to make this happen?

I reached out to Tech Support and got the below response. I have not changed it yet as my prints are still coming out great. If the machine gets out of square by 1mm, it will need to be done.

Download the Marlin firmware (
Once you have the marlin firmware loaded into Arduino, you will need to make adjustments under the Configuration.h tab. You will see a section that looks like this:
// with AUTO_BED_LEVELING_GRID, the bed is sampled in a
// and least squares solution is calculated
// Note: this feature occupies 10’206 byte
// set the rectangle in which to probe

By changing your right probe position from 160 to ~163ish this should get you more centered on your front right washer without affecting the back right too much. Once changed, be sure to keep an eye on that leveling. If anything appears to be amiss, be sure to turn off the printer before damage occurs.

I also have the same issue. Thanks for sharing the fix though.