Mini FlexyStruder On Taz 5?

Hi All, just recently got my Taz 5. Loving it so far, but I want to give some flexible filaments a try. Preferably even print one flexible and one traditional filament in the same print, a la FlexyDually. I don’t really have the means to get a FlexyDually though after spending all that money on the Taz 5, with my wedding approaching in September. I found a (single) FlexStruder locally that someone is selling for a very discounted price, but I then realized Lulzbot specifies a FlexStruder for the Taz and a different one for the Mini and the one for sale is for the mini. Would it work if I bought the Mini FlexStruder for the discount price, then print all the carriage elements for the FlexyDually and combine my stock extruder and Mini FlexStruder onto the new printed FlexyDually frame?

Any feedback is really appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Yup, the mini flexystruder is the v2 hexagon hotend variant so all you will need to print is the taz 5 extruder carriage, and maybe the fan duct. You will need 2 to 6 m3 heat set inserts for the duct part.

Minor correction to piercet’s response:

You will need print a new TAZ extruder mount (not carriage) and mount the mini’s hotend, extruder, and fans on the newly printed extruder mount.

You can also reuse your current extruder mount at the expense of additional work required whenever you want to change between standard and flexi prints.

Awesome! Thanks. I was hoping it would be that simple, but things are rarely as simple as they seem… haha. I’m going to give it a shot.