head question

Hi All,
So, I don’t actually have a Taz 5 yet, but just doing my research.

I see that the Flexystruder is out of stock, but could I get the FlexyDually and just use the Flexy side of it as a single extruder for Ninjaflex? Then if I wanted to use both extruders, I would have the best of both worlds, right?

Thanks for helping the new guy.

You could indeed do that, with one important note. The current version of the flex duly for sale is the older version that uses 2 buddaschnozzle hotends. You would need to alter the stock taz 5 firmware slightly to use it. The new version with 2 hexagon hotends is in design phase, nearing or in production for sale soon. You could make your own from the prototype files in devel.lulzbot.com