extruder question

Hello, I’m writing because I’m on the fence about buying a lulzbot taz 5 and want to know if my idea for it can work. When buying the lulzbot taz 5, it comes with a single extruder (Hexagon Hot End, for abs, pla, water soluble material etc) I want to then get a felxy dualy extruder (with two extruders, one for flexible material and one for normal material (abs pla etc)) So my question is can I get the lulzbot taz 5 then removed the single extruder and install the flexy dualy THEN swap out just the flexy struder ( LulzBot TAZ Flexystruder Tool Head v1) with the original extruder (Hexagon Hot End) that came with the printer? I will always need dual extruders (one set that can print regular abs and soluble support material, and one set that can print ninja flex and abs material) I’m pretty sure physically this can be done what I wonder is if software wise if this is possible. If not, why not? If so, what would be needed to do so? Thank you.

Technically this can be done. You would need the V2 flexystruder that also has a hexagon hotend, not the V1. You would also need to get a selection of hobbed bolts and find two of them that result in similar e-steps values. If the exteps are too far off, one of the extruders will either over or underextrude.