Mini printed Voronoi Skull

Found this print on Thingiverse and my brother printed it on my Mini. I am very happy with this print. It was done with some supports that snapped out easy. I am super impressed with the speed of the mini and the quality. This print was done on the fast print profile that comes with Cura.

Very nice. You could link to the thingiverse page… :unamused:

Ooops I could see how that would be helpful! Here is the Thingiverse link for the skull.

Starting another print of this skull, going with a smaller version to see how it turns out.

And the finals of both prints with a size comparison using the Lulzbot Mini USB stick. Very impressed again with the detail in the small model. The first, larger model was done at its designed size. The second smaller model was done at .6 of its originally designed size. Both done with Black ESUN 3.0mm PLA from Lulzbot.