Mini Marvin

Been trying to print a 10mm high Marvin on the Mini in PLA.

Not perfect, but improving. Any helpful comments for getting it better please fire away.
Polymax PLA 190C, single print as is, 0.1mm layer, 2 shells, 4 top, 4 bottom, with custom fan shroud and 10s min layer.

A working image would be a good start point for comments :slight_smile:

It’s working for me!

Can you see it now? I can only see it when I’m logged in…

No image, download not working.

:frowning: ok, thanks, need to find another way to post the image. :question:

His little brother was not quite so good. :laughing:

Thanks! :sunglasses:

Looks cool!

This post is good and informative for me.

looking for a small piece or a large statement piece.

A working image would be a good start point for comments > Blockquote

Yes, you are right I agree with you.

You never mentioned what size nozzle you were using, size matters. Get a .2mm nozzle for small detailed print. Of course this will increase your printing time to double or better if you’re printing with the standard .5mm nozzle. To combat that go into the experimental section of Cura and select adaptive layering; this works especially good when your object has curves on the vertical. The layer range will vary between your initial layer height and your selected printing layer height. To see what height a layer will print at you’ll need to toggle from standard view to layer view and then slide the layer height adjuster.

You may also want to experiment with printing at a hotter temperature; try a print at the top of the rated range for that filament.

Come on guys, I posted this nearly 4 years ago, get over it!