Mini revisions and interoperability

There seem to be multiple Mini versions or revisions but I couldn’t find any explanation about their status.

My Mini was delivered and documented as 1.0 a couple of weeks ago (seems old for such a recent acquisition?).
I find flower named versions in alphebetical order in the devel section of the website, but I can’t find any documentation on interoperability?

Gladiolia seems to be the latest revision, but does that mean I can use gladiolia replacement parts for my Azalea (if I have an Azalea?). Is there a Changelog available for the versions? I’ve printed the beefy idler spare parts in case one may break, confident that I can make them fit? I uploaded Gladiola’s latest firmware and have no problems printing, but don’t know if I’m doing the right thing?

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Update: One thing is clear, there is a gladiola_update.odt document in the gladiola dir. I was distracted by the odt extension, spoiled by the avalange of .doc’s being spread around the globe :wink:

Yeah, I’d love to understand this too.

I’ve looked closely at some of the part models between versions, and some seem to be updates - meaning, you could print and use the new version. But others seem to be actual changes - meaning, if you printed it, it wouldn’t work/fit. But I have not found anything that definitively shows where you can print and use an updated part vs the part is actually a new design that doesn’t work with an older version of the printer.

BTW I’ve loaded the Gladiola beta firmware on my printer, which is S/N 3774, so should be Foxglove? Bad idea, good idea - I don’t know. But it’s working fine.

From the devel site, it sounds like no consumers should have an Azalea, since that is listed as a prototype machine and should not have been sold. Check the back of your electronics box for the serial, and that should tell you what you have -

(from the devel site)
*“Daffodil” - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The first production batch of 1000 machines
*“Foxglove” - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The second production batch of 3000 machines
*“Euphorbia” - KT-PR0035-XXXX - The third production batch of 3000 machines
*“Gladiolus” - The fourth production batch of machines, currently in development

So, if I get this right, that means
1-1000 are Daffodils
1001-4001 are Foxgloves
4001-7001 are Euphorbias and
7001- will be Gladiolus

My serial number is KT-PR0035EU-4002, so that probably is a Euphorbia?