Mini to Mini 2 Build Volume Upgrade

Does anyone have any details on what is required to get the 6.3"x6.3" print dimensions from the Mini 2 on the Mini? It looks like the hardware changes aren’t terribly significant, and I have a project that could really use that extra space. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Any ideas on this one? I’m thinking it has to be a firmware change, right?

I believe the Mini 2 has different stepper motor drivers and no endstops (uses current draw to determine position) in addition to a belt driven Z axis. Unless you can move the endstop switches on your Mini 1, you will be limited to the build volume between those stops.

You can manually move X and Y below zero and above the max and check the endstop switches with M119. If there’s enough extra distance, then you could build custom firmware increasing the build volume to use that extra space (minus a small bit).