Mini v1.03, flexystruder head & filament to a good home?

Hi there,

I have a mini 1.03, flexystruder head, and a number of rolls of new & partially used PLA available. The mini works except that the bed thermistor wires frayed.

I got a new printer in Nov 2022 and had thought that I’d have the time to rehab the mini and at least print out those last rolls of filament, but honestly, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I live in the Greater Boston area, if anyone is interested.

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Tell us more about the 3Dprinter from November because at least you will have at least One or more working for MFG OPS

Hi Tim, I got a Bambu X1C, so the mini is not useful to me for spare parts or anything. Also, I’m a hobbyist, so 100% uptime isn’t critical for me.

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The reason why everyone should have uptime when possible is intellectual freedom so if you have a idea try it out

About 6 hours from me, or I wouldn’t mind picking up another (if only to have on hand to help with people with the same one with problems), but good luck!

Well, if no one wants it, and there are any parts you want off it, I’d be happy to strip them off for you. I’m hoping to find it a new home by the weekend.

Since I seem to be a significant part of the tech support on this forum, having it in one piece to compare to other people with problems would be my primary motivation in having it. As parts, there’s always useful bits - moons motors, hexagon hot end, and hex screws are always worth keeping around.

I’d look up local makerspaces and contact them. They may have some old lulzbots that would benefit from the parts I mentioned.

Try the adapter then change tool heads correct me if I am wrong