Possible to use the Mini's flexystruder in the Taz 6

Bit the bullet and bought a Taz 6 and now trying to find a new home for my Mini but I got a flexystruder for the Mini that it I would like to use on the Taz 6 if I can if anything just so I don’t have to deal with trying to sell it separately.

Most of the mount is 3D printed so if I track down a way to switch out the mounting on it will it in general be compatible with the Taz 6 as far as wiring or would that be an additional project to get it working?

You would need to print a Taz 6 extruder mount thingy for it, but otherwise it’s identical to the stock Taz 6 one. the wires are going to generally be compatible, it’s the same leads, It may be a different connector but those are available in the ods bill of materials file in download.lulzbot.com. Chances are if the Mini uses the older style Taz 5 connector style, Lulzbot has an adaptor you can purchase as well.

Thank you piercet! That is great news I will have to check the harness when it comes in. Do you know what material they use to print the mount?

Okay I was able to track down the answer to the parts material, looks like they use ABS to make the parts.

Well the Mini uses a 2x10 connector and the Taz uses a 2X8 connector, plus I think some of the wires may be in a different pattern. I know I had to make a Mini to Taz adapter when I started working on Mini tools heads on the Taz tester I use. The thermistor pins are different pins on the Mini connector I can see on my adapter(pins 15/16 - Taz 17/18 - Mini).

Well that may put a damper on things I will have to wait and see how much work it would be to make a converter I would feel comfortable in trying out. Not an electrical expert so I would have to put in some work I bet to figure out the conversion. Thank you for the heads up on that I was worried it was not going to be an easy swap but it sounds like it would be fun to try at least.