Mini Wire Brush Short/y_axis Limit Issues

Hello, I’m new here tried looking around. Seen some posts like this but not exactly. I used a wire brush to clean my mini 1 nozzle. Learned the hard way etc. Now it wipes correctly but then slams into the wiper afterwards. Instead of seeing a z on the whole time I see one end of my Y end stop always triggered. I have a new board on the way. Any suggestions on things to check for? Thanks in advance sorry if this was already covered. The nozzle and bed still warm up and respond correctly. If I change the main board should I be fine or do I need to change other components also?

Edit: after coming back it seems that my end stops are all open still as shown in the picture

So I kept retrying and the second to last time it passed bed leveling (still acting a bit weird before and after wiping with its movement) then it slammed into the printed wiper enclosure.

This last time I tried and once again, it still acted weird during the wiping phase, slammed down in the z direction into the wiper, said it failed probing in the console and then continued to pass bed leveling. This time, instead of slamming into the wiper it is successfully printing.

I am at a loss for words. I doubt my single success will be something repeatable as the behavior before the start of the print was still erratic.

Another edit: It was working until it started printing in the incorrect location.

This last time its still acting a little bit weird during wipe and probe and now is printing off the bed when it does finally start

I have checked the M119 again and this time I have seen a y_min: TRIGGERED as well as a y_max: TRIGGERED on at the same exact time

Basically I am having y_axis issues but only part of the time. Is this due to a bad board?

Though I can’t comment to it being a good or bad idea to clean your nozzle with a wire brush (a brass brush should be fine?), it definitely has no bearing on your Y limit switches misbehaving. Have you tried pressing the switches by hand and sending M119? The switches should be located on the bed carriage, underneath in the front and the rear.

If your printer is failing to home (trigger x/y/z endstops) correctly, then the wiping/probing sequence will not work, as the bad homing is giving the printer a “false sense” of where the nozzle is located. Potential causes can be: faulty endstop switch, unplugged endstop switch, or an issue with the mainboard, in order of most probable to least.

Don’t forget that, even if it completes the wiping/probing sequence, your mini homes X/Y again to account for Mini version differences (see the startup gcode in cura), introducing another chance for the Y switch to misbehave.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah the switches seem to be working properly. Except every so often the y messes up in the M119. Sometimes it works properly and others it doesn’t. Like others have stated the 24V from the heater core could have shorted with the 5V on the nozzle for the bed leveling. I never had this issue before and I used a wire brush all day that day and then have seen this problem. It does home properly every time and never wants to grind past an end stop. This makes me believe it is not a end stop issue.

If the Y endstop (which one, btw, max or min?) messes up in the M119, then I’d believe that it’s also occasionally throwing a false trigger during homing. Your endstop obviously is capable of triggering “hit”, but it might be doing it before the Y axis actually reaches the end of travel. Do you hear the “click” when Y homes?

If the printer is performing the wiping and probing sequence, but in the wrong places, then it is definitely either a homing issue or a serious motion system problem. I could see a shorted heater causing it to fail probing, but there’s no reason that a failed Z probe would cause it to wipe in the wrong area.

Easiest way to test your theory would be to use a multimeter and check continuity between the heater wires (accessible in the toolhead connector) and the body of the hotend. If you get continuity, then yes, your heater is shorted to the Z probe sense line.

Thanks, occasionally the y_min is triggered when it shouldn’t be as far as I can tell. I do hear a click when it homes. Maybe I can take a video of the failure and send it in a couple hours. The printer somehow always wipes in the correct location however, before that it does a weird movement left right in the x axis. But it does the wiping in the correct place every time. However, before and after this the printer acts weird. I have checked continuity between the heater block wires connecting to the rambo and the body of the hot end and its fine. I do however see a little portion of it that is exposed so I could have easily shorted it our with my wire brush for a split second.

I also just checked the function of the y and x switches with a multi-meter for continuity at the connections that connect to the board and they all seem to be functioning properly.

Thanks again for the help I really appreciate it. Let me know what you think!

The Y end stop switches are mounted on the build plate. So their wires are in the build plate harness which all too often tend to break wires due to fatigue. Worse, sometimes the breaks are intermittent.

Thanks, I checked the function of the y axis limits and they both work fine. I tested with a multi meter. I just double checked them and can confirm that I get continuity while at their limits and discontinuity while they are not at their limits.

Can confirm that changing the board fixed my issues