New (old) mini bed leveling help

I picked up a used mini from eBay. I downloaded the newest Cura and updated the firmware with default settings. The eBay listing showed that the mainboard was bad; from my diagnostics, it looks like only the y-min is bad; I believe it homes on y-max, so I am under the impression that y-min is only a protection and can be bypassed. I use command M121 which disables the endstops. Everything seems to work at that point (able to home, etc). When I go to print, it starts the wipe procedure. Wiping works, but the bed is moved to a position where the nozzle is 2-3cm in back of the leveling washer. It appears that it is attempting to touch the first leveling washer, but is unable to do so because of positioning.

I am entirely new to Lulzbot (wiping, leveling), so looking for advise on what to try next.

I had a similar thing when I bought my mini used. I tracked the problem to the microswitch for the Y axis which is mounted under the bed. The wire to it had broken inside of the insulation. In industrial applications the switch would be mounted stationary to avoid constant flexing of the wire. Anyway in my case it was an easy fix almost two years ago. Now it’s a great little printer and my go to for anything that will fit.