Minimum layer height

I’m second guessing myself and I’d like to confirm this. My printer has a .35 nozzle. I seem to recall that the minimum layer one can print is half the diameter of the nozzle, so in my case it would be 0.175mm, however, the default cura settings generated for “fine” printing is 0.14. I also (vaguely) recall reading that I can print as low as 0.1mm layer height, which would negate the whole “the smallest layer height you can print is half the nozzle diameter” rule. What is the minimum I can print?



Well I have printed at a 0.1 MM layer before with a 0.5 MM nozzle, but it took a LONG time to finish. Plus it was only a non-flake/filled filament that I used. I think a number of factors determine a minimum height you can print. SO – YMMV.