MINTEMP E1 error testing rebuilt toolhead

Still rebuilding my SL toolhead. Had trouble with reseating the Molex pins for the heater element but think they are now repaired. When I try to preheat the hot end, getting immediate mintemp error. If I measure the resistance at the connector pins for heater and thermistor, what values should I find if they are OK? (both new)

We actually have a guide on testing the heater cartridge and thermistor on our OHAI page linked below.

The bottom will have rough values of what you are looking to see.

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What does the screen show for your nozzle temp before trying to heat?

If it’s 0°/0°, the thermistor isn’t connected to the motherboard, or the thermistor has completely failed.

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Yep- 0/0° on nozzle. So, it should be some ambient temp value. Must have damaged the thermo somehow. It registers 128 ohms.