Misc. upgrade hardware (McMaster order)

Hello, as I start to print parts for my Z axis/hotend upgrade from Taz 3 -> 5. I am ordering a few things from McMaster-Carr. Can someone please take a look at it and let me know if I’m missing anything. If you have any suggestions for other hardware pieces I should get anyway for future upgrades, please let me know.

M3 heat-sets (3.8mm and 6.4 length)
M5 heat-sets (6.7mm and 11.1 length)
M3 and M5 size washers
M3 Socket Head Cap Screw (12mm and 16mm)
M5 Socket Head Cap Screw (10mm and 18mm)
M3 set screws (6mm length)

Can you guys think of any must have hardware for future upgrades like the X,Y,Z V-rail etc…?