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Okay, I’ve been searching the net for screw sets that will accommodate modification needs for my Taz 5. Right now I’m in the process of upgrading the fans to the Taz 6 tool head. I’m following the instructions from “It Just Works.” I ordered some brass inserts from them and realized I don’t have appropriate screws. Anyone know of a good source for the metric hex heads used on the Taz printers, something like a variety box, the local hardware has nuthin.

Try McMaster-Carr They have pretty much everything.


Thanks for the replies nopick and FCLOWELL,

I was hoping to find a kit with commonly used screws, maybe like this I have a gazillion screws and fasteners from years of historical home restoration, but none of them are like the ones I find securing my Taz 5. They all seem to be metric hex of various sizes. It’d be nice to find a kit with a bunch of screws in it, and a brass inserts kit would be nice too, of commonly used sizes. Not sure if such a thing even exists or if I’ll just have to make one up for myself (kinda tedious), so was wondering what others have done. These guys sell all the right stuff, but looks like in individual type quantities vs a kit like the above listed or the Dupont electrical connector kit I have.

I just bought large quantities of all types of M3 and M5 bolts off ebay. seems to be the quickest way. Most of the ones you run into on a Taz are 10mm or 12mm M5 cap head bolts, with some M3 bolts of similar length thrown in occasionally for variety, and M2 bolts on the limit switches.

Thanks piercet,
It helps to know the sizes, I was embarrassed to admit I didn’t know. I have a gazillion screws and fasteners from years of historical home restoration, and none of what I have looks anything like the metric hex screws used in 3d. I saw some screws on eBay too, looked like good deals, but the ones I found come from China and take awhile to get here. May end up going that way too.

Here’s what I ended up getting (for anyone who may be interested in screws lol).

May be a little late… Try Fast service.

The Taz uses M3 and M5 socket cap screws. There are M4 screws in the extruder.

The alloy screws are easily cut with a dremel… so if you need variety, get longer screws and cut to length for test. Then order the correct length.

I totally posted the wrong link. Globals pic has pretty good prices on the socket he’d cap screws as well.

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Great resource, thanks.
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Actually, the page you posted was for brass inserts, but that’s also helpful, so thanks :slight_smile: