missing shipment!

My shipment from Lulzbot has gone missing.
Firstly, the delivery was tried at secondary address, instead of primary. (there is always a mandatory secondary address in order form)
They didn’t even try with the primary address, and they’ve sent it back to London or whatever, eventually.

I’ve tried with support, and they have contacted their shipping manager, but whoever that is, they are not responding.

So I am waiting for over a month now for my shipment, and who know how much more I will have to wait.

If anybody knows any kind of solution or you’ve had similar experience please let me know.


I’ll look into this. You shouldn’t wait over a business day, let alone a month.


We couldn’t find anything in a search based on your nick here. Do you have an order number or something you can send us so we can identify it? Or what country you are in or something?



Hi Jeff,
here is my order number-

and the track ID I got-

We’ll have an update shortly, Ray sent a message to you yesterday (may want to check your spam folder/junk filter). We’re all seeing what needs to be done to get this moving to you.

Sorry for any delay!


Ok, we tracked it down. Here’s what I’ve seen so far (we’re still looking into it):

The delivery was not tried at a second address. Only one address was given, both the same for shipping and billing in our shopping cart. Delivery was tried at the only address given, by the country’s national postal service. The address was invalid, so the package wasn’t delivered. We’re looking into whether we ever got the package back yet or not.

We did not get a timely response back from shipping and then to you about the status of the package. I apologize for that. We’ll be shipping out a replacement package to the address you emailed us.

Thanks, and sorry again about the delay,


Thank you for the prompt response.
Here is the image and my explanation under it-

SPLITSKA 2 is a street
BULEVAR OSLOBODJENJA 143 also a street

In the invoice you provided they are put together for some reason. But, as I’ve said those are 2 completely different addresses.
The package was delivered to the second one, and when I found out, the POST office had already sent it back
For some reason, they didn’t try the delivery to the address stated first- SPLITSKA 2

We should probably take those two addresses apart and leave only one.
I propose that the final address should be SPLITSKA 2. And that BULEVAR OSLOBODJENJA 143 should be removed.

Hello t0b1as1, we still have no info on the status of the original shipment, but we have issued a second shipment to your updated address. I will send tracking info to you right away. I apologize for the delay. For your future orders, feel free to call our sales department to submit your order if you would like to clarify shipping info.

Thank you!

I have just been notified that replacement order has been made.

This has been a clerical error most probably and I don’t blame Lulzbot
Thank you everyone for intervening so quickly

Feel free to notify me If you need anything from me regarding the ‘lost’ package