Modify CAD files to create STL's

I have been pulling my hair out trying to modify the 12mm bearing holders for the Taz 6 on the X axis (I’m building my own Taz) The ingus bearings I got are 1 mm smaller in outside diameter and I can’t for the life of me changed them in opencad to be 1mm smaller.
Just seeing if anyone can point me in the proper direction to get these modified so I can get them re-printed and the bearings installed.


I usually import the stl into Autodesk inventor, use the mesh enabler to turn it into a solid, then edit from there. If it gives you trouble, someone might post a modified version later.

Thanks for the info… I have the fcstd cad file and figured it would come out much better after making the changes and then exporting it to stl.
I’m sure it’s just a mod to the constraints but I’m confused on which ones to modify.
Thanks for the info!


Here’s a file that might work with your bushings, hope this helps.
12mm_single_bearing_holder_smol.stl (297 KB)

Thank you very much.