modular build plate

what filament do I use on glass and what to do on the other ?

Hello ibedonc,

TPU’s such as Ninjaflex and PolyFlex print really well on straight glass instead of the PEI with glue stick. Other material recommendations can be found on page 35 of the Mini User manual and page 30 of the TAZ 6 user manual.

The Modular Bed System was designed to allow users to experiment with different bed type materials on the glass while printing the wide range of materials available to each printer.

I’m trying glue stick filaments such as ColorFab XT on the glass side and leaving the PEI side glue free. I’ve never had a problem with plastics such as ABS on the PEI, so it makes sense (to me at least) to keep the PEI clean and abuse the glass side.