Print surface requirements

I have one other question about the information on the Store’s filament pages. On each filament’s page, under Parts and Specifications there’s a section called “Printing Specifications.” Each specifies information for the Print Surface. On the nGen page, for example, it says “Print Surface: PEI print surface recommended.” For ABS the same section reads “Print Surface: PEI film recommended.” Is this telling me that I should place a layer of PEI film on top of the Taz6’s existing PEI surface?

And similarly, on those filaments where glue stick is recommended, do I need to put PEI film down on the PEI surface and then use the glue stick on that, or can I just use glue stick on the standard Taz6 surface?


You already have the PEI part, so no need to add another. Just print, or add the glue stick if needed then print.

Be sparing with the glue stick.