More KITTAZ build suggestions and issues

I just got my KITTAZ delivered and built last week and since the forum helped me out so much I figured I would put the things I learned on the build in here as well,

  1. If you are about to assemble your KITTAZ check and see if you have 2 of bag B16 or 8 M5x14 bolts and 4 M5x14 bolts with thumb caps in your box - if not call customer service and they will ship it to you. I’m guessing that most don’t as the majority of people who posted on here do not. My box was packed on 8/4/14 and I just received it last on 1/9/15 so they probably haven’t gone back and fixed the problem. The labels on Bag B16 matched what is inside of it, I’m guessing whoever packed it though just put one of each type of bag in the box not realizing that you need 2 of that particular bag. Hopefully the company will change that in the future so that the mistake is not made again.

  2. As everyone has noted installing the shaft into the bearing is a pain on the first step. I used a small portable bench vise that I have to slowly press the shaft into the bearing. Worked like a charm but it would be nice if they added a small guide/sleeve or even washers so that you can hammer it in/press it in to the right depth - would be easy to design and make. Used the vice to press that assembly into the idler holder. Just another method.

  3. Lead Screw nuts were not attached to the lead screw mounts for X-axis - had to find a picture to make sure I did it right since there are still no instructions. Not a big deal but something for them to fix in the instructions or in future KITTAZ’s. Additionally I had the same problem as others with binding on the Z-axis on both left and right screws and it was solved by loosening the screws. I’m guessing that a production run of those particular parts was off square - hopefully they check those more closely in the future.

  4. Most of the other issues in the build have already been addressed except for what to do once you finish the build so I figured I’d list out the steps that I took since I haven’t seen it listed anywhere (even if they just put this at the end of the last build page it would be helpful):

a. The feedtube assembly isn’t on the build instructions - look for it on the TAZ 4 un-boxing video.

b. Next reflash the firmware on the RAMBo. As far as I can tell the RAMBo board came straight from the manufacture so they don’t have the most updated firmware on them. Its a fairly easy process and the instructions are below:

c. Next you need to level the printbed which is spelled out in the “Quick Start Guide” on the downloads page

d. Lastly calibrate the extruder to get the best results.

From there you are pretty much on your own - though its probably a good idea to read through the owners manual and follow the maintenance recommendations TAZ manual .

Thanks for the notes! Unfortunately the KITTAZ units are sitting in all three warehouses around the globe, so as they’re being purchased we’re sending the extra bag of screws (if needed).

We’ll incorporate your notes into our documentation- we’re always trying to improve however we can.