Moving from PLA to ColorFabb_HT and back

the filaments have a suggested print temperature that seem to me to be far apart and different temps -can I move directly to / from one to the other - different temperatures by a lot??

I do have some cleaning filament if that helps - but directly from on to the other might be quicker/easier - but I think I was told that PLA should never go over 220 degrees and I don’t want to bake the PLA into a replace parts thing and the colorFabb_HT shows a Processing temperature of 250 to 280 C.

I know getting things too hot is real bad and burns the filament - as hoping for some temperature guidelines - how low / cool will colorFabb_HT extrude without damaging something so I could get the PLA out by pushing it with the HT? Then go to the proper temperature for the HT and the actual print job.

have not done this before and don’t know anyone here I can ask

any suggestions?

Thanks much for any help

If it was me, I’d experiment with the HT by lowering the temperature below the minimum processing temperature by steps and seeing if it will extrude. When it stops extruding, just raise the temperature and you’ve established a baseline.

I’ve had pretty good luck with cold pulls. Once you find a good temperature for the cold pull, you should get most of the old filament out. 80% of the time, I can shine a light through the filament path.

The cleaning filament should have a wider range of temperatures. If my cold pull of the previous filament fails, I use the cleaning filament to extract the last bits of the old filament. 99% of my cold pulls of cleaning filament are successful.

Thanks for the help

I did see some instructions for Col Pull and they made me a bit nervous,

Somewhere a person said they pushed the filament through with a pointy thing, then once the old fiber is down a bit they put the new fiber in behind the old fiber and just extrude away

I did go out and get a 2mm Philips screwdriver just in case